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Stop Talking, Start Praying

Hello Sisters, You know, sometimes last week, something dropped in my Spirit. Are you really 'Asking' or you're merely 'Talking'? Now, note that there is a wide gap between these words. There are times we actually feel we are praying to God about a particular thing/subject and we're feeling He isn't giving attention to our desires. Whereas, in the real sense, we are merely talking about it to people and never 'Prayed' about it. Can someone relate to this? The moment this dawned on me, I felt really guilty thinking my desires weren't answered, when I was actually not praying about it. See it this way, why not put in the same level of energy and time investment you make in talking to others to Pray about your desires. If you are presently in a condition as this, kindly bow your head and repent in your heart. God is not incapable, He is capable, reliable and ever dependable. Stop assuming you have prayed about it when you are merely talkin

Delayed Gratitude

Dear Sisters, Welcome to the week of our Lord's resurrection, May everything Christ died for us to enjoy be apparent in our lives. I trust you're great 🙏 Most times we take for granted the seemingly little things and then forget to show gratitude to the One that makes these things seem seamless. In actual fact, they are not seamless, they only seem so because God is backing us up. And it occured to me that most times we wait till month end or year end to thank God. Why? Because we've taken His deeds for granted. Stop waiting till December before you thank God, offer Him your praise right where and how you are. The bible says, He rides on the praises of his people. You might think "oh there's nothing to thank Him for yet, it's just just the first quarter nothing to show" - if God opens your eyes to the things He has averted, or better still cause to you 'taste' a little bit of them, trust me you would know God is working. But we shou

No More Tricks!

Hey Sisters, Happy New Week and welcome to the week of His Death and Resurrection. Halleluyah! We are who we are because He arose and lives Forever. What is that incapability of yours? Nail it unto the cross with Him. whatever the weakness is- lying, fornication, sexual immoralities and addictions, anger, whatever, name it, He is asking you to lay it at the cross. He knows them, Yes, He knows you're battling with them, but you need to surrender them and mean it. He needs you to stop thinking you can stop them on your own. He needs you to stop feeling condemned, because His death brought you Righteousness and now, we are His righteousness. We are clean and purged and presented as though we are blameless, because we are, in Him. There is a trick of the devil many have fallen prey to- we withdraw from God when we transgress. That is one way the devil has held many captive. Truth is, we can never enjoy help when we are afar, we need to move closer to Him. Yes, it's


Hello Dear Sisters, It has been such an awesome week. By the way, how many were present at the Conference? Please, Kindly share your encounters in the comments section for other sisters to read and be blessed. I am certain you must have seen our social media accounts flooded with a common word 'SURRENDER' and must have been wondering exactly what is going on (for those who weren't present). It's safe to say that the summary and highlight of the Conference is 'a surrendered life to God'. "A life without surrender is a life of no IMPACT". "Only a word-full life can experience Growth (Intimacy)". "The journey to intimacy is PERSONAL" Hurray, on that same Saturday, our Team Lead, Joys Oyedepo launched her books. Yes, Books! Glory! ' Growing in Faith & The Real You and Your Spirit's Clothing ' were dedicated to the Glory of our amazing Father. Copies of these books can be gotten from Dominion Booksto

Zeal For His House

Dear Sisters, We thank God Almighty for His mighty deeds in our midst during the Conference. It was phenomenal and to Him alone be all the glory. Feel free to share your testimonies with us. I was meditating recently on 'how God driven we truly are' and i thought to discuss it with you all. You know how we all say to God to use me for your glory....consume me and set my heart on fire? Do we truly live in the reality of that already provided zeal? or do we just consider it as a cliche we do not mean? the truth is, one of the ways we can show our zeal for God is through our disposition to the things and house of God. Are you the type that sees how 'better things can be done in your church or Christian gathering yet you do not make efforts to make yourself available to 'make things better'? Not even in the place of Prayer. When in actual fact, you and I should be consumed by the Zeal for His House - Psalm 69:9. Recall Jesus' disposition when he saw pe

Your Disposition To (At) Work

Sisters, It's a great pleasure being here with you and I thank God for keeping us all. I believe you are doing very well and anticipating this year's conference with so much expectation. And I know that our expectations would not be cut short in Jesus Name. Amen. What I would like to talk about today might seem a little 'harsh' however I would like you to take it with love. Why am I 'watering' your heart so much? Simple, I do not want it to be misconstrued whatsoever, so, let's get to it ;) Work is something that applies to all although, it could mean different things to different people. For instance, work could be being a student, a mother, a teacher, a doctor, an accountant, an engineer, and so on. The bible has made it clear however, that in ALL that we do, we should do it to the glory of God. This should be our drive. Often times we go through life forgetting that our work is God's business. It's our ministry and parish where we o


Sisters, Happy New Month, may this month of March elevate and uplift us on all sides. The thoughts contained in this write-up stems from Hebrews 3:19; 4:6 and 4:11. These verses reads thus: “We see, then, that they were not able to enter the land, because they did not believe” – Hebrews 3:19 (Goodnews Bible) “So God’s rest is there for people to enter, but those who first heard this good news failed to enter because they disobeyed God” – Hebrews 4:6 (NLT) “Let us, then, do our best to receive that rest, so that no one of us will fail as they did because of lack of faith” – Hebrews 4:11 (Goodnews Bible) The above verses laid emphasis on the factors why the children of Israel could not enter God’s rest. God did not repeat these reasons for nothing. I see God explaining to us in verses 4 and 11 of chapter 4 what was said in Hebrews 3:19. The children of Israel could not enjoy God’s promises because of two things: a. Unbelief i.e. because they did not believe; because o

Get Out From Among Them

Hello Sisters, Happy Sunday to y'all. We have just a Sunday till the third Women of the God Kind Conference, 2018- INTIMATE. If you haven't made your reservation via registration, kindly do so now on the blog (it's FREEE). I feel led to share with you today on 'peer pressure'. Sounds cliche and teen related, yeah. But the truth is peer pressure never ends when we attain adulthood, it is something that continues as long as we have people around us. As difficult as you might want to accept this truth, in my own view, I strongly believe handling peer pressure isn't difficult. It takes wisdom and being truthful to yourself. Why should the people around you become a thorn in your flesh when you can always pull back. I have tried this severally and it works. I have had friends tell me they observed I pulled away from them. I do that because I discover that we are no longer compatible. If you are not truthful to yourself about that toxic relationship, you are


Hello Sisters, Whoop whoop, it's a new month. Welcome. I congratulate you on the journey so far. I don't care about that situation, what I care is that, you have breathe and yes, you have a great hope. This month will bring you bountiful inexplicable blessings. I have heard so many prophetic declarations this day that, I am only confident of the best. I pray that this shall be your month indeed. Let me say this to someone, do not let your expected state becloud your being, such that you do not see a good in your present state. Do not allow ingratitude to deprive you of your next altitude. Back up that expectation with thanksgiving- a genuine one. God remains ever good, and He seeks only your joy. I pray this shall be your month of pleasant surprises and favors. Your desires shall be supernaturally turned to manifestations and testimonies. Can I get some wiper??????? Yayyyyy. This is our conference month. Hallelujah. I am so excited. god is ready. Are you? Please b