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Handling Criticism

Hello there! Today I would be sharing on something quite sensitive to a number of us - criticism and ways to handle it better. I personally don't like to be criticised (i don't know about you) but I'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way. This is something the Holy Spirit (HS) is helping me with at the moment and I trust that it will bless you. I consider criticism as disapproval of how something is done. Whenever someone criticises me, I get super defensive and in the bid to defend myself I get annoyed....then I miss out on what I could I've learnt to get better. One person i often receive criticism from asides my superiors at work is my husband. He feels I can handle things better. And girl! it has never gone down well with me until recently when I had prepared my defense and the HS began to make me do a heart check. Its almost the end of the year and we would be receiving criticisms or even feedbacks from superiors at work, friends, colleagues, and

If you can think, you can thank....

Dearest Sister, I trust you are well. On a lighter note,  type the word 'thanksgiving' on google, click images and you would be amazed at what you would see. Just don't salivate too Thanksgiving is an attitude not a gift/fruit of the spirit and it can be cultivated. Also, it is not a day in the calender year, it ought to be our lifestyle. To think is to give something or someone a thought in your mind. If you dominate your thoughts with the things you don't have, you will never see the things you have let alone be thankful for them. In a noisy world that we live in, the devil will without hassle (using various means) let you see the things you do not have yet, the things that aren't working as you had envisioned, it is your responsibility to re-route your thoughts to the things that are working for you and thank God for them. For instance, you are 'sad' about not having enough shoes to wear? Why don't you see it as, you have abled

No place for doubt

Hey sisters, Recently, I was reminiscing on the highest level of doubt I ever displayed in God. I was in 200 level in the University and I remember taking this course that was so scary. It was a course students rejoiced at an "E" grade and even shared testimonies. In fact, having an "E" meant you were a little brilliant and you did well. After I sat for the practical and the examination, I knew only grace could save me from rewriting that course the following year. Usually, I would give my handouts and textbooks to those in lower levels after the semester exam. But, I did not give this out. I felt it was only going to be unreaslistic of me to give out this particular course's materials since I was going to be needing it likewise. In my opinion, that is the highest level of doubt in God. Our ever Faithful God saved me and I passed the course actually. Sometimes in our lives, we express doubt in God. Will He do it? What if? And all that. Having an un

Prayer II

Sisters, Today's posts is a sequel to the previous post on Prayer and I pray that you would be blessed. Prayer is having a conversation with God. A conversation is not a conversation without dialogue. It is a two way communication where you talk to God and he talks back to you through His word. That's why it is impossible to have a good prayer life without His Word. You must know that an empty spirit man cannot pray. You need God's word to dwell richly in you to tarry in prayer. Another thing about prayer is that we ought to pray proactively rather than wait for things to happen before resolving to pray about, that is dangerous. In a good marriage, a spouse tells her partner her plans and movement for the day ahead of time. So the husband is well aware of her dealings and can profer suggestions on how to go about things better if need be. This is the same way God wants to be carried along in every detail of our lives. Real prayer is about showing how much you lov

2018 Wrap up Hints

Hello Sis, Have you taken time to re-evaluate yourself lately? One thing I can tell you is, it is not too late to re-strategize. Never! If whatever it is that you are doing isn't productive, it is only wisdom that you sit back, evaluate and take actions. One truth I have realised lately is, "there is excitement in productivity". I am sure you can relate to this. Likewise, it isn't too late to set attainable goals even before the end of the year. I am a witness to this, nothing is ever too late. Basically, this short post is a wake up call to our goals & activities, evaluating, restrategizing and smashing the goals. Lastly, ask for the help of the Holy Spirit, He always has the best strategies, so let Him in! Love always😍😘


Hello Sisters, Welcome to the month of November, my prayer is that it shall be one to remember for us. May the God of eleventh hour show up for us. This year shall end in praise in Jesus Name. I would like to admonish us never to stop praying. This might sound a little cliche but you see its easy to stop praying especially when it seems we aren't getting answer to prayers. Honestly, I have been on this road before not just before, even in this year. I have seem so close to an answered prayer (started giving thanks infact) and suddenly things turned the other way. Oh! I was 'disappointed '. Believing God for anything for myself became a struggle let alone pray for myself. I could believe God for others and join them in prayer but when it comes to ask God for myself, I couldn't. This somewhat put a strain between me and God. Nevertheless, here's the victory, I  realised the enemy was only messing with my head afterall, the bible says ask that your joy may

Move that mountain

Hello Sis, Happy New Month! Welcome into a brand new day and month. It is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in itπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Hey sis, don't be depressed. Don't be hopeless. Regardless of the past disappointments, have faith for your next desire. It's easy to want to give up and think that since our faith did not yield results in the past, then it's probably not going to for the next desire. " Don't let past failures fool you. One failure isn't enough to negatively alter the course of your life! Absolutely not!" - Joys Oyedepo (Growing in Faith) We have nothing to loose trusting God but we have everything to loose not trusting Him. Brood on the past breakthroughs you have had and hold unto them as your sickle of harvest for your desired testimony. You should also bear in mind that every challenge is just a phase that must pass. So, jerk up your faith and move that mountain. Don't be too weak to fight. Feeling dra