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Dearest Sisters, Its such a pleasure writing you today, the last day of the month of October. Look around you, there's something to be thankful for. Having used 10 of 12 months, its not unlikely that you might feel like you've not attained those miles you had hoped for. Rejoice! Because before miles comes phases and in those phases are lessons, little victories, and many more. “Life is in phases; men are in sizes” – Bishop David Oyedepo The farther you go, the better and clearer you see. But first, you have to be in motion. Don’t expect to see clearer when you haven’t yet taken a step. Only those who take steps are entitled to clearer vision. Isaac Newton said, “To explain all  nature  is too difficult a task for any one man or even for any one age... I keep the subject constantly before me, and wait till the first dawnings open slowly, by little and little, into a full and clear  light .” God never wants to share his glory with anybody so He retains the title of

Which Way?

Hello Sis, We have such limited sights and understanding that leaves us dependable on someone for guide. Our minds are limited, hence, we need total reliance on His Spirit to show us just the right way. May I drop here that His Spirit is the Spirit of Guidance that points us to the exact way/path/direction. He has promised us that “our ears shall hear a word behind us, saying, this is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left” (Is.30:21).  With this Spirit, there is no or dilly-dally nor confusion. His voice is clear and simple enough to understand. Sis, the way out of that confusion and obscurity is His Spirit. His spirit is the Spirit of Light, hence, darkness is not permitted. When I was really young, I dreaded waking at nights. This was because, usually, I woke facing the wardrobe which had clothes hung on it. Certain images will then begin to form, very scary images that made me sweat and even have nightmares. Now, these im

Shall Stand...

Hey sisters, Seest thou a man DILIGENT in His business? he SHALL stand before kings; he SHALL NOT stand before mean men.  Proverbs 22:29 (KJV) I see the scripture above as a covenant. How committed are you to the things committed to you? In whatever you have at hand, show diligence and commitment even if you do not seem to be motivated. Truth of the matter is, there is always a reward for hard-work. The law of seed time and harvest is real. You can't sow into something and not be rewarded.

Who is in your company?

Beloved Sisters, How are you all doing? How is work/family/business/school? I trust God to bless the work of our hands and grant us undeniable exploits all round. There is such a thing as the grace of association. Genesis 13:5 shows that Lot’s blessing was a function of his association with Abraham at the time. Which is why the moment Lot separated from Abram, the grace of association he was latching unto began to diminish. It is impossible to be in a moving vehicle and remain stagnant. The Bible says a company of fools is destroyed. Let us examine the phrase ‘company of fools’. It means people who have foolishness in common. There’s no such thing as being neutral in life; someone either influences you or you are influencing someone. Now, who influences you or whom you influence is a function of your circle of association. Let me explain a bit more here. I’m sure you will relate to this if you drive or even if you’ve been a passenger before. There are some passengers you


Hey Sisters, Romans 6:1 says, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” I have heard a couple of messages on ‘Grace’ that it is almost baffling and I really want to assume I didn’t get the real message  well. This post isn’t in any way affiliated with ‘condemnation’. Oh yes, our God forgives but He craves we live a life pleasing unto Him. He doesn’t condemn us, but desires that we tread on the paths of righteousness. Grace saves and as a matter of truth, we were saved through the immeasurable grace Jesus bestowed on us. But, while so many hide under grace to keep sinning, why not receive grace to overcome your weaknesses.

Bespoke Vs. Ready-made

My kingdom Sisters, I have been longing to write to you this week. I count it a great priviledge to connect with you every week. It's been a beautiful journey and even as Women of the God kind clocks 2, God has been faithful and He is worthy of all honour and adoration. Congratulations my sisters.


Hurray, One......Two...... incredible years of: A super amazing journey, Testimonies, Sisterhood, Growth, Light, Love! .........(kindly chip in yours in the comments section). Isn't He just so faithful? Two years and we are here, and still counting. We have enjoyed His Speed, Grace, Help and much more, His Love.

New Beginnings

After 2 years of blogging on one platform, changing lives by the directive of the Holy Spirit, Women Of The God Kind has a new home. The objective remains the same, and the goal to lead women closer to the heart of Jesus continues to burn bright. So, this is a new adventure in Christ. Deeper in Him, walking in His steps, following closely and walking in His shadow.