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By Their Fruits

Hello Beautiful, How are you doing? And how has the lockdown been on your end? Eased or still very much on? I understand some of us have returned to work, how has it been for you? I really want to know. I am still working from home for now. May God’s Covenant of Protection abide with our families and us now and always. Amen! Recently I was meditating on the story of Ruth, and I began to wonder why she decided to follow Naomi to serve her GOD. What exactly made her willingness to follow her despite the ‘calamities’ she had just faced? Would we say that it was a case of the good deeds Ruth saw in Naomi’s life? Not quite! For Naomi, it was the opposite. Nothing was exciting about a woman who lost her husband and two grown-up sons. That was Naomi’s case. If anything, what Naomi had encountered is enough to cause any believer to backslide, let alone someone to be able to convince someone from a background where they worshipped gods to follow her. So I am sure we can all agree it was