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Impact Your World

Dear Sisters, I count it a great privilege each time I am opportune to be here to share what our Father has laid in my heart for us this season. Such an honour, one that I remain grateful for. I hope you have had a November to remember. May God make all grace abound towards us all. Amen. I was at my desk at work when a retired staff of the institution walked in, and he began to greet everyone he knew from way back. While there was the feeling of excitement in the air, some thought and questions stirred up on my inside and the answer to my question is part of what informed today's post. Seeing this retired colleague made me say to myself "so it that all about life? Work for 35 years and then what?" Well, I got a nudge in response which said to me "you are made for more, to impact your world". Immediately the holy spirit reminded me of the bible passage I had read earlier in the day, 1 Peter 4:8‭-‬10 where Peter was admonishing believers on how to live

Worrying in motion?

Dear Sisters, I want you to know that writing to you each time on this platform for me is always a privilege that I do not take for granted. I acknowledge that the grace of God is mighty in our midst, and each time the Word of God is shared; the breath of the Almighty is present. Welcome to the month of November, it shall be your best month yet. Your testimonies this month shall surpass all that you have experienced from January to October. Today's discussion isn't something that is unfamiliar.  I consider it one of the cliched subject matter. However, I pray that as you read, you will be blessed. Recently, on a Saturday, I took my second son for immunization, and while on our way, I felt we were running a bit behind the scheduled time for vaccination at the hospital. I wasn't the one driving, but I was driving. What I mean is that I was thinking of how fast the diver could have moved, how he could have avoided a port-whole for us to save time. I did this so much