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Dear Sisters, I trust God that you and yours are doing well.  Before now, I would b ea t myself up each time a negative thought crosses my mind. This led me to do a lot of meditation on the power of thoughts and how to take charge of them. Of the many things I have now come to understand is that: negative thoughts in themselves are not bad. I know that sounds weird but stay with me, let me explain myself. Allowing these thoughts to remain and control us is where the issue lies.  It reminds me of the analogy of temptation versus sin. It is okay to be tempted, but it is not okay to sin.  When I was meditating on this, I read a devotional that week that reiterated that dwelling on bad thoughts is what causes  believers to fall. For the purpose of context, not all negative thoughts are 'fornication' or 'adultery' related; sometimes, it is not doing the will of the Father. Peter is a good example here when he said Christ would not wash his feet (John 13:8) and when he reprim

More Than Enough

Growing up, I remember whenever it was about to rain, we would line  buckets outside, positioning them directly under the roof to get a  good amount of water from the downpour. Those buckets were filled most  of the time, and we would have to get other buckets till the rain  stops or till will run out of buckets. However, there were few occasion that we  had to take our buckets in without water, but even in those times,  there was the peace we had that we had prepared; the rain just was not  enough. Preparation makes one feel empowered, and beyond empowerment, it is an  expression of faith. It takes faith to prepare for what is not seen. A  pregnant woman believes she would give birth, so she goes shopping. Like Noah, he believed God would send the flood, so he built the ark. Remember the Widow in 2 Kings 4, whose oil multiplied? The oil multiplied until she had no empty containers then the oil stopped. Had she waited to see the oil multiply before getting containers, she would never h

Purposefully Marching Forward

  Dear Sisters,  Happy New Month! Welcome to March,  the month  where God is moving us  further  in purpose.   I trust that you and yours are doing well and keeping safe. It ' s so good to be on here.    I was studying the ministry of Elisha recently ,  and  I  took not e  of  his dimension of impact.  What a man! He carried  a  double portion of Elijah ' s anointing ,  and Elijah was not small in any   way.  While Elijah and Elisha were very similar, they were distinct in their  purpose  and those they were sent to,  nothwithstanding  the measure of anointing .    Most of Elijah ' s miracles were inclined to life and death. On the other hand, most of Elisha ' s miracles were restoration  based like  healing  people and nations .   Therefore, it can be said that Elisha was a prophet of grace while Elijah was a prophet of judgment. Elijah gave testimonies  against men's sin and evil, while Elisha's testimonies were inclined for  salvation and preach God ' s m