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Sisters, I strongly believe that you are doing very well and that the month of March has been awesome. Let's get a bit legal, shall we?😁 In law, a precedent is a legal case that establishes a principle or rule. Hence, in similar cases, the decision of the judge on any case is often swayed in line of the judgment previously given, "the precedence".  If the common law respects precedence how much more the spiritual.... Precedence is authority backed thus it breeds confidence. Our faith can be fired up if we bear this in mind, because we would be confident that if he did it before, he will do it again. When we are expecting something from God, getting a word from scriptures cannot be overemphasized. There's always a precedence for our request, leverage on it.  When a lawyer appears in court, he appears making reference to past similar cases and the judgment that were obtained.  To get results and be effective in prayers, we must understand what

Spiritually Aligned or Socially Accepted?

Dearest, I trust God that the week has been great for you. Not sure I have wished you my sisters happy international women's day, Happy International Women's Day. I want you to remember that you matter to God and He created you as a woman for a purpose: to influence, nurture, help, support, shield..... It would interest you to know that 50% of the world's population are women, the other 50% are born by women! 😁 What a privilege! To the admonition of this week: Genesis 3 revealed to us that, Eve engaged in a conversation with the serpent like most of us do (though not necessarily with the serpent 🤔) and she choose being 'socially accepted' (to know good and evil) over being spiritually aligned (sticking to God's instruction not to eat of the tree). This is the reality of most believers today. We engage in conversations (mind & mouth) that questions our spiritual stand and as a result begin to doubt the Word spoken to us by God. Do not be deceive

New Books by WOTGK TeamLead💃💃💃

 Hey Sis, Guess what? Our TeamLead just newly released two powerful books. Have you been craving an intimate walk with God such that you feel it's not possible again? Have you seen others boast of their walk with God and it all just appears abstract to you? Are you in today and out the next day? Does your health need a touch? Then, these are books you should be adding to your library because they are written just for you! If you have attended any of our conferences, then you'd know that Joys O (TeamLead) is really passionate about helping sisters develop an "Intimacy With God". Are you ready? Ladies, I present to you, "Walking with God" and "Body, Flesh, Bones". Head unto Amazon or Amazon Kindle to get yours. Lots of love, Your Sis

Happy International Women's Day, WOTGK

Hey Sisters, Happy International Women's Day to you. Yes you. I mean you. The world sees your virtues, your diligence and your passion and cannot wait for your manifestations. Today, we just want to say that we love you. Keep at what you are doing and definitely, you will rejoice. Happy Women's Day WOTGK YOUR SISI

Nothing is too big for God

Hello Beautiful, I hope the month of March has been awesome for you. Here's what I would like to encourage you with this week: I travelled to Lagos quickly for a meeting and as we descended back into Abuja, I looked out the window and everything seem so small. Like really S.M.A.L.L. I believe strongly that it was no coincidence that my attention was drawn to this as I'm a lover of window seat whenever I am flying. I exclaimed in my thought 'God, is this how you see things from where you're seated?' it appears we don't take him 'seriously' when he said there's nothing too big for Him to handle. Not challenges, not barrier, not even riches! God seats in heaven and uses the earth as his foot stool. How amazing! That's why He that seats in heaven laughs (Psalm 2:5) No worry or area of concern that you're faced with can surmount the mightiness of our God. Everything was created by Him and for Him. Nothing would ever be above Him. It