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Be Your Own CheerleaderšŸ’ƒ

Hey Sisters, I trust you are doing great. Today's post is basically to encourage you. You are strong, fierce and resilient. You are an achiever and you are not less. You are not a failure. You are a wonder woman that is unlimited. You shatter glass doors effortlessly. You are beautiful and adorable. Your body physique is just perfect. You aren't just some queen with the face, you've got great stuff loaded in your head and mind. You are not empty. You are a woman with a great light. You are that being the world has always needed. You have a Father that is ever mindful of you and He only works out the best for you. Even though you aren't there yet, know that you are a work in progress. Keep pushing. Keep trying. Keep working. Very soon, sooner than you think, it'll come through. Don't be deterred, don't be tired. You won't break, no. While you are doing this, guard your joy and don't give in to depression. Remember, it is with joy that you wi

Fellow Pacesetter

Hello Sis, I hope your week has been amazing! Our Father has sent me to encourage you with this: Recently I was asking God about a particular assignment he gave me, I wanted to be sure I was on the right track and know that it's not me calling my idea as His. I asked Him this questions because what he has told me to do is not 'seemingly ' popular or trending. Here is how he responded to me: "How many houses were in the neighbourhood you currently live when you first moved?" I said about 3 or so, it was a new area. "How about now?" Ah! I cannot count o. Then he said that's how it is when i send you on an assignment, you are there to set the pace (trend) for others to follow. You would not be a pacesetter if the assignment is "popular or trending" already.  However, we must learn to remain planted for us to witness the bloom . If we allow the pressure of popularity override our divine assignment, we would never become a pacesetter

Tired of your past mistakes???

Hey Sisters, I thought to drop this here for as many who will come across this post. Earlier in the month, I came across this scripture (Isaiah 54:13) and it has been in my mouth. When we allow God to lead us, teach us, speak to us, guide us, we are guaranteed of not just peace, but great peace! You have led yourself enough, Sis. You have made decisions based on your instincts enough, now is the time to allow yourself to be led and taught of the Lord. This new year, one major spiritual goal I set is to deliberately, consciously and intentionally allow myself to be led by God. I have made quite some mistakes based on my personal judgments and I am not willing to continue that way. Are you on this journey with me? When God teaches you, everything about you will be ordered. Your speech will be ordered and so will your steps. Recount the last time you led yourself and the consequence that followed. Now ask yourself if you are willing to go through all that pain again. No righ

Walking In Purpose

Hello Sisters, One of the most talked about yet complex issue ever is the subject of P.U.R.P.O.S.E There are series of questions in this area: from how do I know my purpose? to am I called in only an area? is purpose a thing for a selected few? and the list goes on and on. I am here to announce to you that there's purpose in where you are and that you are here on purpose and there is a calling that only you can answer (fulfill) the best. Ever wondered why some acclaimed 'successful ' people commit suicide? They simply lacked fulfilment, their riches/fame notwithstanding. Walking in purpose is the only thing that gives utmost fulfilment and contentment. Walking in purpose requires walking with God in total surrender. We saying "do with me what you want". Handling every detail of our lives to Him. How often should we work in purpose? Daily. We are to yield every moment to Him for His glory. How do I walk in purpose? Rely on the holy Spirit. I find m

Dealing With Anger

Hello Sisters, During the course of the week, I watched a man puff in so much anger for days. He wouldn't talk to anyone about the reason for his anger (apparently, he was angry with someone/people). I also noticed the people he was really angry with were living their normal lives, happy and literally feeling light. This man looked like he had a truck load of heavy stones inside of him. He wouldn't forgive them and neither was he talking to them about the offense. This made me realize that uncontrolled anger only affects the offended and mostly has no effect on the offendee. Here is my point, if there is an offense committed that has gotten you really pissed at someone, kindly walk up to them and set your self free from the burden and weight. Anger is so much bondage, please, don't remain in it. If for some reasons, you can't talk to the offendee about the issue, kindly forgive them in your heart and live your once happy and weight free life. This week, re