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Hurray, our Teamlead is plus 1

Guess whose birthday it is today!!! Yayyyyy!!! It's our Teamlead's birthday. We are so grateful for life and the birth of this platform to reach out to several ladies out there through you. We are so glad to be a part of this great day with you ma'am. Thank you for heeding this call. Thank you for being a tool in God's Hands. Also, its #DavidOyedepoMinistries birthday today- our Teamlead's biological and spiritual father. We are blessed to witness this day with you sir and we thank you for being a leader, father, teacher  and head. We pray you will keep enjoying the Light of God sir. We call you blessed ma'am. We pray for an ever increasing grace and anointing to run this race to finish. Its our prayer that you'd would keep basking in His glory, light and wisdom. We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ma. Loves. Ps.... Kindly write sweet notes to our Teamlead on this special day of hers.

Healthy Money Diet

H-E-L-L-O, Recently, I read two great books that I can't but talk about. So, I want to talk to you too. lol Before we get started, may I make something profound? "Until you learn money/finance management, you would keep having money prayer/desires/frustrations" . How many times have you had to stare at your purse/bank account wishing some amount was there? Or, searching your wear's pocket just so you can find an extra cash (that you didn't put, definitely hoping for a miracle. The latter is so me-lol). There are pretty much things to write here, but just so I do not bore you, I'd just share a few of them trusting God that it blesses you richly. 1. Set financial goals . Every new year, we set new goals right? Have you ever included financial goals as one of your goals? Well, I actually never knew this was important, in fact, I used to think less about money because I felt it was sin and it would tamper with my kingdom mentality. After I read the


Hey Sis, I am certain you are getting ready for the many many things God is set to do for each and every one of us in the forth-coming Convention. This convention marks our 3rd year anniversary! If you haven't registered yet, Please, kindly click on the homepage and make your seat reservation and for other sisters as well. Too many, I mean so much is happening. PS...this convention will be an annual one, THAT will replace the March Conference. You do NOT want to miss this - TWO days of: -Powerful Word Sessions -Intimate Worship -WOTGK Leaders Workshop -Open Q*A ... and more!! Guess one of our amazing speakers?????? TY BELLO. YES!!!! Aren't you excited? We sure are! It set to be so good!!

Your Place in the Kingdom

Dear Sisters, I thank God for bringing us all into this new month of September, May it one we would live to remember for good in Jesus Name. I trust everyone is doing well. I encourage you not to be anxious, all things are working together in your favour. Relax! and let Jesus take the wheel. Recently, I have found myself in the 'thought- place' of purpose, life assignment and occupying my place in the Kingdom. And I would love to share some of those thoughts with you, I hope it blesses you. As a child of God we must know that God created us for a purpose only Him can reveal. However, on the journey to that purpose we have several assignments some of which include: being a helper, teacher, apostle, encourager, leader, and so on. Each individual's assignment is unique and none is inferior to another. Unfortunately, today we are often carried away by pomp and pageantry of others' assignments and look down on ours. Apostle Paul illustrates this using the vari