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Leaning on your Understanding?

Hello Beautiful! It is my pleasure to be here, sharing with you one of the things I believe our Father wants you to hear this season. Before we proceed, I would like to remind you that you matter to God and He is "crazy" about you. So much so, He knows each strand of your hair and you worth much more than a flock of sparrow (Matthew 10:31, Luke 12:7). What a privilege! Take time to meditate on that, He is such a loving Father.  Let's dive right in: On a beautiful evening, I was in my room searching and writing Scriptures concerning my boys when my older son walked in and insisted on having a paper and scissors. To do what, I asked? He responded in many words but clearly I understood that he wanted to cut it into shapes, particularly Circle, Triangle and Square shapes. I obliged him and gave him what he asked for with the hope that, that would keep him busy while I do my thing.  Few minutes into doing what he thought he could do, he would not just le

The Wheat and The Weed

Dear Sisters, I trust the month of August has been (and will be) filled with divine encounters for you.  A word of encouragement before we dive right into what God has for us today: "Sometimes a drag in your faith and spiritual fire could mean you're doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and doing it well, at that." - Priscilla Shirer  Not long ago I "re-read" one of the most popular parables in the bible and the revelation I got is strong and I thought to share on here. In Matthew 13:24-30, we were told of the parable of a farmer that sowed good seeds and while the workers slept, the enemy came and planted weed (tares).  These stood out for me, like never before: 1. The owner of the farm didn't seem surprised when the workers came to report the incidence. After all, there was no mention of the Farmer sleeping. This reminds me of what David said in Psalm 121:4 "Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps.