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Lessons From Abigail

Hello Beautiful, I trust that you and yours are doing well. So good to be on here again, an opportunity I am forever grateful to God for. The title of this post gives it away already. I am going to be sharing with you the lesson I learnt from the story of Abigail.  Before re-reading Abigail’s story earlier this year, I had thought I knew enough about her.  However, being married to a wicked and ill-tempered man, Nabal, was not one of the things I had assumed I knew. So, imagine my expression when I read her story from 1 Samuel 25 recently with a group of friends, I was awed by her personality, and it left me with so much wisdom. It just felt like that part of the bible was suddenly re-written. Quick Story Summary: Abigail was married to Nabal, a wealthy but wicked and ill-tempered man who one day decided to speak rudely at David for no reason. David did not take that lightly, so he decided to fight Nabal and 'finish' his entire clan.