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"Holy Spirit, help me"

Hey Sisters, Sometimes ago, I shared with a group of teenagers on anger management and I will like to do same with you today. Few years ago, I found myself in a very terrible situation I did not handle maturely, and as a result, I embarrassed and gave a very wrong image of myself. Now, I am not trying to please others, but I really value my image and name. I said so many terrible words, got really violent and wasn’t taking any chill pill at all because I felt cheated. In fact, people around me kept wondering what version of me was displaying before them. I couldn’t even coordinate myself, I was just going to let out my emotions without thinking of a better way to resolve the situation. After that incidence, I ran back to God asking Him to help my emotions and help me never to have a physical replay of that day, ever again. Overtime, I have learnt one trick, no matter how hurt or angered I am at someone or something, I am never going to speak immediately. So, I keep

Seeking Accolades?

Dear Sisters, It's a new day with fresh grace and I trust God that ALL things are working together in our favour. I am glad we are on this journey to glory together to encourage one another. May our zeal for His kingdom not burn out. We live in an era where everything is electronic and put out there. E-payment, transactions,meetings, social media and many more. This has made a lot of people loose their personality and search the wrong places for acceptance. An average millennial wants to be acknowledged by her peers and praised. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that however, it gets wrong when we rely on them for our daily existence. To be honest alot of people have relegated themselves to seek popularity and accolades over a life of influence. Popularity is more trendy and all that earthly stuff but do we stop to consider what the Father's thinks of us and what we do? Paul in Colossians 3:17 describes it has "let every detail in y

God's Love

My Beloved Sisters, I trust God that all is well with you: spirit, soul and body. I pray that God's grace will continue to uphold us and prepare us for His coming. Today, I would like to talk about something that's dear to the Father's heart - His unwavering love for us. I have a 13months old son and each time I look at him, I see the best child ever. I have friends whom we had our babies at about the same time and whenever we talked about our children's milestones each one of us have this 'fire' in our eyes. To me, my child is the best and to them theirs is the best also, their shortcoming regardless. This reminds me of Isaiah 49:15 ─║NLT) that says "Never! Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!" As if this assurance isn't enough: consider Matthew 7:11 "So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, ho

Hope Maketh Not Ashamed!

Hey Sisters, Welcome to a beautiful and exciting week of amazing happenings. I want to share a short but powerful scripture my whole life has hung on this past week; “hope maketh not ashamed” . Romans 5:5a God led me to a book written by the mother of our Team Lead, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Abiola Oyedepo- The force of hope. Following through each page of the book, I noted scriptures that talked on hope and started confessing them. I tell you, it’s just like I have never hoped my entire life before. The above scripture has stuck with me and has been more than real. I want to encourage someone today who is perhaps hopeless, depressed, troubled, weighed down or expectant. I want you to have this confidence that as long as you have a fervent hope in God, you can never be ashamed. Abraham demonstrated hope and he wasn’t put to shame. See, you have to get out of that moody state you are right now and get back your hope. “They looked unto Him and were lightened: a

Ask Questions

Hello Sisters, Welcome to another exciting day where God is ready to meet you at the very point of your needs- Spiritual, material, financial, marital, academics, career, business, emotional, etc. I was confused sometimes in the month of March on a particular matter. Although, I could say that I partially knew what to do, but I was really confused because I wanted what I was making the decision on to be very effective. I needed someone to just answer my question and affirm what I considered right. After a period of thinking and almost making a conclusion, I decided to ask my mentor. You might be wondering why it took me  quite sometime to voice out when I had a mentor. True, but up until the 18th of March (a fellow sister innocently, indirectly and unknowingly changed that mentality), I used to feel questions were a sign of weakness. I'm actually wondering whatever it was that gave me such a mind-blinding mentality. In just a two and half minutes audio, I got the perfect