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As a special gift to you for my birthday today, September 27, I'm giving you this mini-book. I pray that it'd be as much a blessing to you as it was for me to write it. It's the beginning of a new phase for me and I want the same for you; so, read, enjoy & be blessed. Don't forget to send in your testimonies after reading this to me on facebook , twitter or instagram . Download free ebook HERE ... CLICK << for access to the book. My love always, Joys Oyedepo

This Prayer Thing!

Hello Dearest, I trust that you are doing well. It is with great pleasure that I share this message with you, which I believe, is the Word for the season. From the title, I am sure you already have an idea into what I will be sharing today and I trust God to simplify this to you beyond the letters here. At the beginning of the this month, September, God began to emphasise this to me through diverse platforms. From my book for the month - Fervent by Priscilla Shirer to the Word for the month in Church to the last two episodes of "My Jesus Experience" I watched on "MyLightHouse Tv" channel on YouTube to a WhatsApp group bible study, it has all been centred on "Prayer". "Prayer is a difference maker. An invitation for honesty, yes, for telling him how you feel - infused with the assurance and fearless confidence that comes from God's promises." - Priscilla Shirer  Remember the bible says to us that "men always ought