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Growing Through Pain

Sisters, How are you all doing? it's another beautiful week and I am grateful for His mercies over you and I. Today, I'll be talking about one of the things I consider a 'must-go-through' process for every believer. Growth could be some what inconveniencing as it requires doing things outside our comfort zone.  Its more convenient to drink milk as a baby than chew meat. Unfortunately,  no one survives a lifetime taking milk alone. Growth is essential for us all and it comes with several dynamics. For instance, a seed that must grow is first buried (covered up with sand) in the soil.  Being buried in 21st century could mean a lot. E.g not being visible as you desire among your social class....Not having the 'cool stuff' of our generation....going through a phase of pruning where it seems God is always not allowing you have the seemingly desired things (I hope you get my drift on this). You know what being buried means to you.  Undo

A life of surrender

Hey pretty Sisters, I thought to write to you on “Surrender” today and I would like you to open your heart. If you haven’t felt Him (you know that connection you feel when the Holy Spirit is in you) in a while, or you feel lost, or empty and dry, whichever, I would like you to stay glued to your screen and read every line of this post. I trust the Holy Spirit to minister to you. The life of a Christian is a life of surrender to God through His Spirit, such that even when we are not fine with His will or we think ours seem better, we are still able to say, “Lord, only Your will be done”. Can I be frank with you, sis? There is nothing called partial surrender, He is either Lord of all, or Lord of none. When we begin to demarcate the boundaries to which God leads in our lives, we begin to drift Him far from us. The moment we say, You can way your way in my career but not in my relationship with Smith, we eventually end up not hearing Him again- even in our career. If there is an

Where Have I Been?

My Dearest Sisters, Its sure been a long time and i am so glad to be back. I have missed connecting with you all and i apologise for the brief hiatus. First, I thank God for this network of the women of the God kind and the success of the just concluded convention. It's been 3 amazing years of God's evident wonders in our midst and truly, He is so mindful of us. Now to where I have been, It's good news! On the 13th of September, my family and I welcomed our latest addition - Baby Akorede Nathan and since then I have been trying to get a balance of everything....handling one toddler, nursing a baby, sleep routine, and all that stuff. But what is there not to thank God for? I praise God from whom all blessings flow. For supernatural childbirth, I am thankful. This is my second birth experience and both were supernatural. I remember when I read the book 'supernatural childbirth' by Jackie Mize for the first time, I couldn't really relate (more li