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Would you let Him have your 5 loaves & 2 fishes?

Dear Sisters, I hope your week and month has been off to a great start. For me, the last two weeks have been intense as I was studying for my promotion exam at work. After days and nights of reading, I took the exam on Saturday. And honestly, I didn't come out of the hall feeling like I smashed it as I had wanted. While a lot of deliberations went on between my colleagues and I on how the exam went, I found myself muttering from within "God, I have given you my five loaves and two fishes, multiply it". The revelation gave me so much peace and confidence! Are you thinking about what you have as insufficient? Do your efforts towards that thing appear inadequate? Then this is for you - let God have your bread and fish. He will multiply it. Sisters, that is the seed required. Let him have it. Unfortunately, quite a number of us give him our bread and fish, but turn back in one hand to retrieve it; we are too in a hurry. Look at the little boy of John 6:1-14, he trust