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Be Still

Hello Sis, I trust that your week has been off to a great start. -------- Waiting before God is not an invitation to meditate on a deeper revelation of you but to experience a deeper revelation of Him. Often times what We need to hear from God is to be still and quiet. Remaining still often requires more strength than striking. Stilled and silent is the best posture we can assume when we need to hear from God. No wonder David in Psalm 62:5 said "Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him." Furthermore, there are times when waiting quietly before God or being still becomes the best weapon we can adopt for God to be revealed to others. (Exodus 14:13-14) Only the spirit minded can be still before God because being still requires being dead to flesh, it's desires and control. I had an experience recently, and it's about how mind-full God is about us and it always require us being still. The encounter was so real, I was having a


Hello Beautiful, I believe you are having an amazing month already. May the God of Israel defend you, preserve you and perfect all that concerns you. Amen! Today, I would like to share on something so talked about yet misconceived by many. A lot of times we ask, does God speak to us? I have at some point wondered if I was worthy of being spoken to by God despite being born again. The reason for these questions are not far-fetched, I felt God was too big and busy up there to speak to "little me". What a line of reasoning! Let me tell you how the Holy Spirit (HS) debunked this line of thought for me, he used my most superior boss (Godwin Emefiele) at work to illustrate this: HS: does Emefiele speak to you? Me: Yes, through my departmental directors and he does not even know me. From time to time, these directors re-emphasize to us the institution's vision and we are expected to be committed to it. HS: If your boss who does not know you speaks to you, how much m

If It's God, There's No Fear!

Hey Sisters, I apologize for the delay of this anticipated post as promised. So, I had said I was going to write next about how to hear from God and here you go! First, I will say that God's word only gives peace that quenches all doubts and fears. Now you might be thinking, "What about when he cautions me, will I still have a feeling of peace?" In this instance, when God cautions, instructs or reproves you, you are rather filled with conviction , not fear . Note that again, conviction and not fear! The devil is the mastermind of fear. Everything about him anchors on fear. He attacks the sound mind in us via fear and that's when we begin to doubt, get depressed, get confused and all that. If it's God telling you not to do something, there's no place for fear because God has no deal with fear. So Sis, while you are wondering and getting confused in knowing whether a word you received is from God or the devil, you should pay attention to the st