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The Creative Power

 Dearly Beloved, Happy New Year! I pray that 2023 will be exciting and fulfilling for you; may your expectations not be cut short in Jesus Name, Amen. A few days ago, I came across on my Instagram page a snippet of some of the things I said in 2019. In this video, I was talking about my personalised confessions after a vision boarding session. So I said things like, “I am transforming Africa”, “I enjoy healthy relationships”, and I went on and on.  Sisters, I was so moved by how everything I spoke in that video has become a reality today. There is so much power in our words; honestly, we can’t really understand how powerful it is on this side of the earth.  Can we do something? Do a video saying where you see yourself (in alignment with the Word of God) by December 31, 2023 and save it. Say things like, I have become a global brand because Nations and kings are coming to the knowledge of my rising. I see myself setting a new pace with groundbreaking ideas in my industry because I am th