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Are You Expectant?

Dear Beautiful One,  Happy New Month! Welcome to an Oustanding October.  I hope you are keeping safe and putting in prayers the upcoming WOTGK Convention. Without  shadow of a doubt, I know it will be amazing.  Pregnancy is such an incredible experience, and I am reminded of it as I write this post. You see, with my first pregnancy, I was clueless and to be honest, even at 37 weeks I kept telling people I still had time before delivery. This is because of the many things I had read, most of which postulate that first pregnancies often go beyond their Expected Date of Delivery (EDD). So, I delayed starting my maternity leave for as long as I could plus I was still very agile, so why stay idle waiting for the baby's arrival. Unknown to me, God had ordained my baby to arrive on March 4, 2017 and here I was on Friday, March 3, at work after which on my way home, I stopped by to do some grocery shopping. Sisters, I felt no sign whatsoever till the next morning when I spotted and had to