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That God Moment

Hello Sisters, First, I would like to apologise for not posting last week Tuesday.  I trust you're well doing great and if you're in Lagos or Sango-Ota region, Nigeria, you don't want to miss the upcoming WOTGK conference themed 'Intimate'. God is going to blow your mind. So please, go registeršŸ’ƒ As we prepare for the conference, something struck my heart, 'that God moment'. I realized that time spent in God's presence can never be wasted however, what we get out of it is what we decide to make of it. Every moment is a potential 'that God moment'. It's about how you perceive God's power and your ability to tap into it. Knowing fully well that it is what we acknowledge that has the power to operate in our lives (Philemon1:6) Jacob was with God but he knew it not, hence he did not experience his 'that (God) moment until he recognized God was there. How about the woman with the issue of blood? she created her God moment by re


Women Of The God Kind aims to help women develop intimacy with God, through Jesus Christ. This year's Conference, Intimate, will be third in the series; and with well over one thousand women so far gathered in the past two conferences, this is set to be even more spectacular! It will be powerful and you surely do not want to miss it. GRAB YOUR TICKET NOW >> here on EVENTBRITE now & BE SURE TO PUT IN YOUR CORRECT INFORMATION UPON REGISTRATION -you'll get more information on the exact location and more, before the day- March 17, 2018! *Free Childcare* Early Bird Registration* Merchandise Available* DRESS CODE: All White* See our social media (@WomenOfTheGodKind / facebook and Instagram) for fun pictures of our last conference. Come and experience intimacy with The King of Kings!~

War Against The Word

Dear Sisters, I Trust your week started well. There's this thing I've been 'battling' with recently. Battling because it's like a friction between my flesh and my spirit. It makes more sense now when Paul said the things I want to do, I find myself not doing but the things I do not want to do, that I find myself doing. Of late, I realise how lazy I get declaring the word. It just seems so tasking, so I make excuses by saying to myself that after all I'm thinking word so not saying it shouldn't be an issue. While I pondered on this sudden laziness, the holy spirit made me to understand that it's a scheme of the enemy to make me war against the word rather than war with the word. He drew my attention to how our victory is in the word but more importantly the spoken word. I began to realise that it's not just enough to think the word, we must speak it because it is by the word we confess (not just the word we think) that we are saved and j

Your Case is Different

My beautiful sister, Welcome to the month of February, the month where God will break protocols for our sake and bring us into the realm of the supernatural. I appreciate you all. Before we proceed, I would like to celebrate the faithfulness of God over Mama Faith Abiola Oyedepo's life. She has been a blessing to me and many generations, speaking life into destinies and changing lives. Indeed our mouth is filled with rejoicing as she turned 60years yesterday. What a mighty God we serve. As her days are, so shall her strength be In Jesus Mighty Name. To the day's post: Remember the account of the twelve spies out of which 10 came back with negative report - that they were like grasshoppers in their own eyes? I wonder how little they thought of themselves and their God. This points out something, how big you think of God is reflected in the words of your mouth. Caleb and Joshua on the other hand saw their case as different. That they were able and well to take ove