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The Lover on the Wait List

The Lover on the Wait List
 -Afolabi Bodunrin

God desires us in our unclad form
He passionately desires our bodies... to be his holy temple
He cries for intimacy, the kind that reaches deep into the soul
He longs to caress us with his kiss
He planted the first kiss on our lips and spoke love to our hearts
His love, he says is sweeter than fine wine 🍷 
His arms wide open to shield us from the cold of life 
He counts the hair on our heads and plants kisses on our forehead
He tickles us with expensive gifts that we solemn show gratitude for.
You are beautiful he says, perfectly imperfect are your features.
Every line he caresses, every “thunder” he kisses, every flaw he loves.
He doesn’t chastise, rebuke or reproof without love.
He doesn’t hit or raise a finger in an attempt to show superiority.
He says:
“Come Unto me”
“Let me be your Lover”
“Let me romance your life”
“Let me walk this journey with you”
“Let me suck out your pain”
“I adore you”
“You are beautiful”
“Trust me... it won’t hurt”
“I am weak with love for you”
“I Love You”
Finally, he says:
Marry Me! Let’s spend eternity together”

The sad news is, a lot of us have rejected this proposal, we opt rather for intimacy that is superficial, for kisses that turn to tears, love that shatters our hearts and passionate desires that leads to nothing more than “SEX and HEARTBREAK”.
We are being told “I Love You” daily in a way that makes us even more afraid of the word “Love” (cries).

In a pursuit to please, we lose weight, we go under the knife, we change our hair colour, we become who we are not meant to be, we forget who we are, we become shadows of ourselves, we forget what love really is.

Perhaps we have forgotten what love should be because we neglect the one who first loved us.

Perhaps we have derailed from who we were originally meant to be because we neglect the one who first loved us.

Perhaps we cry ourselves to sleep because we neglect the one who first loved us.

Perhaps we refuse to pray because we have neglected The Proposal!
“Let me Be Your Lover”
“Marry Me, I am in love with you”

God desires to show us what Love, Romance and intimacy is. He wants us to understand what “Relationship” means. He desires for us to be treated like “A Spec”

Until you experience God’s type of Love, you would not know what true love is or should be.

God is asking you to go on a date with him, start a relationship with him and be intimate with him. He wants to kiss you every morning and night, serve you breakfast in bed, send you credit alerts, make love to you, plan your big projects with you, be a father to your children, oversee the affairs of your life.

God: Would you marry me and let’s spend eternity together, come rain come shine

What are you waiting for?
Say Yes to this Proposal!!!!!!


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