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Put A Structure in place

Hello Sisters,

I welcome you to year 2019! May God order your steps, ignite in you a fresh passion for the word, prayer and an intimate work with God. Amen!

A typical example of what I'll be sharing in this post is the saying that 'dress how you want to be addressed', that is, what flows to you is a function what you wear (the structure).
This saying refects something fundamental- the law of structure and flow which states that you must put a structure (order) in place that would make the things you want flow to you.
So take Noah for example, he built an ark (the structure) as instructed by God and the animals came to him 2 by 2.
How about the widow in 2 Kings 4 whom Elijah told to get enough empty jars from her long as she had jars (structure) the oil kept flowing.
Why am I sharing this now? I figure it would help us as we go along the new year. It would be inappropriate to expect results without preparing for it.
It's not enough to know the things you want, there's more power in identifying the things that will make these things flow to you.
Putting a structure in place is in itself a strategy. As you seek God this month of January, prayerfully ask Him what structures he would have you put in place.
For my career folks, it could be a skill you need to learn to be more visible at work...or someone you need to learn from..building relationships with people that will mentor or sponsor you.
For a business owner, structure could be what must be done to reduce stock theft/destruction? What would my potential client love to see to make him/her do business with me? How can I make my business function effectively in my absence?
For a social media marketer/blogger, you might want to ask questions like: how can i increase the traffic on your page? Maybe learning a new skill like graphic/web designing that would help you create more visually engaging contents.
The answer to these kind of questions will enlighten you on the type of structure you need.
Like Noah, we don't need to wait for the flood to come before we prepare. Putting a structure in place is in fact an act of faith that gets God committed. Remember success is when preparation meets opportunity.

Asides from asking the kind of questions I earlier discussed, you might also want to consider being more realistic and time bound with your goals. For example, one of your goals is to walk with God more intimately. Don't just stop there, break it down to the 'how'...say by speaking in tongues for 1 hour daily - 30minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before I go to bed.

I do hope you understand the point behind these illustrations.

Have a testimony filled year Sis.

Loads of love,

Your Sis 


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