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Dare To Trust Him

Hello Sisters,

God is able to do exactly and even beyond what He has told You He would perform. He doesn't need your help nor a mans'.

See, just dare to trust Him. None, not a single of His word will fall to the ground. Has He said it?- He'd perform it. It might seem to tarry, but He knows just when to blow up your mind. He knows how and when to sweep you off your feet. He knows exactly how to step in and bring to fulfillment all His spoken words to and concerning you.

A recent event happened in my life. God told me something which was to be fulfilled towards a particular day. I waited eagerly each day for its performance, but it seemed not forth coming. Eventually, the day came and it still didn't happen. I was almost beginning to think God didn't speak to me, or perhaps I spoke to myself. And voila...just at night, it happened.

I was in awe. I was amazed. It seemed so true to be real. That occurrence only spur my faith in Him, hence, I decided to help someone's faith this morning. Dare to trust Him. He has the capability to do exactly what He says.

He isn't slow. He says, "though it tarries, wait for it". You just can't give up on Him. You have come a long long way to loosing hope. You are close and it will happen for you! If He said it, He can/will do it.

When the roaring voice comes to still your hope and stain your faith with fears and doubt... that's the best moment to rejoice in Him for what He's said.

Hang on, this week is a week of fulfillment for you. waiting for your testimonies.


Your Sis


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