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Hey Sisters,

Romans 6:1 says, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” I have heard a couple of messages on ‘Grace’ that it is almost baffling and I really want to assume I didn’t get the real message  well. This post isn’t in any way affiliated with ‘condemnation’.

Oh yes, our God forgives but He craves we live a life pleasing unto Him. He doesn’t condemn us, but desires that we tread on the paths of righteousness. Grace saves and as a matter of truth, we were saved through the immeasurable grace Jesus bestowed on us. But, while so many hide under grace to keep sinning, why not receive grace to overcome your weaknesses.

True, that we can’t please God by our works, except by faith, however, this does not mean that He has licensed us to a sinful life. Grace is not a license to sin, but a liberty from sin and its entourage. He who still says, “Grace Covers all sins" in the very negative way, has made the death of Jesus almost of no significance. He came to draw a clear boundary between us and sin, that we might live His kind of life-God kind (Zoe).

As much as we might have weaknesses, we should strive to lay it at His feet to take upon His nature. Come to think of it, the scriptures says, “He wouldn’t give us more than we can bare” and “His commandments are not grievous”. If He has said we should live Holy, then He has empowered us to do so!

Jesus didn’t go through all that pain for you to be a side chick and dwell in sins, neither did He experience shame for us to continue in the same old lives we lived in before we met Him. Stop saying, “no one is perfect”, that’s the easiest way to lure yourself into iniquities.

His grace is available to forgive our sins, yet available to help us pull off the old nature (weaknesses). Which would you rather choose? 

Much love,

Your Sis


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