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Bespoke Vs. Ready-made

My kingdom Sisters,
I have been longing to write to you this week. I count it a great priviledge to connect with you every week. It's been a beautiful journey and even as Women of the God kind clocks 2, God has been faithful and He is worthy of all honour and adoration. Congratulations my sisters.

At about this time last year i applied for an American visa with my husband for tourism and we were denied. Of which, we had planned that we would give birth to our baby there in March this year. Well, because of how much i wanted it, i re-applied alone in December and i was more specific this time that it was for birth tourism, i was denied again. Oh i was so sad and bitter. I had prayed for it, believed for it and confessed what i believed. In January I applied to the Canadian embassy, i was counting days, days turned to months and when the decision came out, it was negative. The week following the week i got the Canadian embassy's decision, i put to Bed (like the Hebrew women i must say).
Last week, on a fateful morning as i brushed my teeth, the holy spirit began to talk to me about how somehow I have 'judged' God and kept 'malice' maybe not malice *sha* but there's been this 'undisclosed(undiscussed, unintentional) resentment/strain' on my faith. I did a heart check and deep down, the Holy Spirit was spot on as always. I asked for forgiveness and that minute my mind flashed to Mackenzie's character in a book titled 'The Shack' written by WM Young. Later in the day I was led to this great modern-day illustration from @iviechic -
"Jennifer asked me to purchase a dress she saw on the internet on my next holiday.

On getting to the store, I looked closely at the red dress and realised it wouldn't suit her body type and it looked much different from what she had seen in pictures and on Abigail.
I saw another red dress that will fit and suit her perfectly and bought that instead. I took into considerations Jenny's frame, comfort and values. I also knew that there would be alot of dancing and games at the event (as i was in contact with the organisers) so she needed something that would work for the dinner and also the fun part later. Though it was not as expensive as the first, it was just perfect for her.

As Jennifer's Valentine ball party approached she told everyone that asked that her dress was on its way because I told her I got it already. What Jennifer didnt know was I got something way better than what she asked me for.
When I got back and gave her the dress I saw the look of disappointment on her face. She had two choices;

1. Throw it aside and go look for the previous one by all means OR
2. Trust my judgement, try it on and voila....see what I saw.

Untill Jennifer gets to that party she may never really appreciate what I did for her.

That's exactly how things work sometimes when we pray.

God always answers us when we pray, but sometimes the answer comes in a different package and untill we trust in His own desires and will for us, we may choose option 1 and remain grumpy for a long time."

I wrote this post with all honesty and i will like you to do a heart check and evaluate all that is putting a restrain on your faith, are you 'judging' God as unfaithful because of ungranted desires? We must know that not all (ready-made) good things are God's best (bespoke) for us. God would alter anything to give us bespoke blessings but the question is: how willing are we to wait for it and trust Him for the best? Mind you, God's best for Marilyn is not God's best for Charity. I am learning that our blessings are correlated to our individual purpose. Be Encouraged, God has not forgotten you, Wait on God, hope in Him Now and Always. (Psalm 131)

Your Sis,

Loads of Love


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