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Growing Through Pain


How are you all doing? it's another beautiful week and I am grateful for His mercies over you and I.

Today, I'll be talking about one of the things I consider a 'must-go-through' process for every believer.

Growth could be some what inconveniencing as it requires doing things outside our comfort zone.  Its more convenient to drink milk as a baby than chew meat. Unfortunately,  no one survives a lifetime taking milk alone.

Growth is essential for us all and it comes with several dynamics. For instance, a seed that must grow is first buried (covered up with sand) in the soil. 
Being buried in 21st century could mean a lot. E.g not being visible as you desire among your social class....Not having the 'cool stuff' of our generation....going through a phase of pruning where it seems God is always not allowing you have the seemingly desired things (I hope you get my drift on this). You know what being buried means to you. 

Undoubtedly, no one enjoys the process of being buried. However, our confidence is that we know we're buried to grow. 
Like a seed, staying planted is how we get our nutrients to thrive in the world.
While researching seed, planting and growth, I observed the following: 
1. Planting is done with precision. Precision of the spacing of seedlings and desired yield. When God plants us, he has a specific purpose in mind and ours is to find out what the purpose is.
2. A seed is an embryonic plant i.e. a potential plant. Think of it this way, a baby is first an embryo and it could either develop to a full baby or die in its embryonic stage. If an embryo must become a baby it must first be carried successfully through pregnancy. In the same vein a seed that would grow to a plant must first be buried to grow. There is more to you than you know, stay planted to see you blossom.
3. Are all seeds buried in the ground? Yes! there is no planting without setting the seeds in the ground. That is the guarantee for growth. There is no shortcut to this growth thing, its a test we must pass to advance.
4. Planting a seed conceals it from parasites till it has enough nutrient to at least fight for itself. Often times, God plants us to arm us with the right skills to prepare us for what is ahead.

Why all these 'talks' on planting?

1. I want you to understand that there is growth in the inconvenience you might be going through. 

2. Miracles are far from convenience, so is growth. Remember the woman with the issue of blood, 10 lepers, Naman, blind Bartimaeus, the paralyzed man in Mark 2, and many more. 

3. Why is God interested in our growth? it is the avenue in which he trains and blesses us simultaneously. In the words of Dr. Joni Stepp, the greatest stories of our lives won't be told from our comfort zone.

Mind you, our areas of growth differs, so do our process. Sister A could need growth on purity while Sister B needs growth in area of Faith. Our experiences are different so are our journies. You're in competition with no one but yourself.

Loads of love 💕

Your Sis 


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