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Healthy Money Diet


Recently, I read two great books that I can't but talk about. So, I want to talk to you too. lol

Before we get started, may I make something profound? "Until you learn money/finance management, you would keep having money prayer/desires/frustrations".

How many times have you had to stare at your purse/bank account wishing some amount was there? Or, searching your wear's pocket just so you can find an extra cash (that you didn't put, definitely hoping for a miracle. The latter is so me-lol).

There are pretty much things to write here, but just so I do not bore you, I'd just share a few of them trusting God that it blesses you richly.

1. Set financial goals.

Every new year, we set new goals right? Have you ever included financial goals as one of your goals? Well, I actually never knew this was important, in fact, I used to think less about money because I felt it was sin and it would tamper with my kingdom mentality. After I read the first book, I set three goals for the rest of the year, so it's not too late for you to. What has this done to me? It has helped me trim off any 'act' that would hinder me from reaching my destination (goals). Usually as ladies, the things that gulp our finance are the really irrelevant expenses. Uh? Yeah!

2. Use the Budget tool.

For me, I do not touch my salary or money gifts without putting pen to paper. This way, I am able to align my needs in the order of preference and post others (needs) to a suitable time. You don't want to see my budget sheet (ahahah). So many canceling, numbering and re-ordering.

3. Manage your fund.

 No matter how small that earning might be, earning more isn't always the only solution. In fact, if you can't manage well, you'd keep experiencing lack even when it increases. Let's be honest with ourselves, stop the comparison Sis. Seek alternatives to every expense. It is not every asoebi you must buy. You could make really nice wears that would be great and not cost as much as you would have spent. Stop saying, if I don't buy it, who will now buy my own. Yes, if you can afford it (without lamenting later), go ahead, but if not, please, be wise. 

Let this be your rule, any expense that would make you lament after grooving/purchasing/slaying isn't worth it and hence, be reconsidered.

There is no competition Sis, you're only in competition with yourself (I'd share a story but that would be in the comment section). People would treat you just how you want them to treat you. Work on your esteem, I really think that we can't take away self esteem from finance, because it's the hook that sinks many.

4. SAVE! 

Yeah right, save. Did your heart just race? Calm down (lol). Let me tell you a secret, savings isn't in the amount but in its consistency because gradually, those consistent 'lil' drops of water would become a mighty ocean. Do not eat all that you earn. Truth is, even 'Rich and Benevolent' Christians abide by this rule. Saving is much of diligence.

Proverbs 21:20, "There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up". (KJV)

5. Invest in your mind. Read books. Pay for seminars/conventions. 

Your life is as rich as your mind. Read books on investments. Move with friends who do not think that the answer to their needs is a rich guy somewhere. 

The answer to your financial needs (vacation, slaying, rents, bills, etc) isn't a man but a healthy spending habit and God's blessing (I know you were waiting for me to omit that). 

Nah. Does it seem like I stressed more on the you-factor than on God, maybe, but that's because, "when you follow the principles, you'd need less of miracles"- Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr

Let me know how you feel about this post in the comment section.


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  2. Okay, here am I as promised.

    I got an invite to this wedding and the bill seemed quite much. On the very first day I got the list, I said yes to everything (HMMMM). Then I got home and my heart started racing and my head banging as a result of the numerous expenses.

    I took out my pen and paper, prepared my scale of preference, ruled out somethings and carefully sought alternatives (not borrow) to others.

    Somehow, I found my way round it and I was satisfied with my choice without a sense of guilt or inferiority.

    I got to the venue the day of the Engagement hurriedly from work with my face looking really stressed out. One of these On-Venue MUAs approached me wanting to beat my face with a ridiculously cheap amount that I can't even type here (ahahah).

    One of the girls saw my face and liked it, told her the amount and she instantly said, "I can't use her, I react to cheap products". I wasn't going to have it but I had just overlooked it. Ps...I had asked the MUA about her products prior to this time and they were products I was comfortable with.

    I took the MUA's number so she could get make me up and other girls for the wedding reception the following day. Somehow, I got busy with coordination and changed my mind, so the MUA attended to the other girls.

    Surprisingly, guess who walks to me??? The 'cheap product' girl. She wanted me to give her the money I was supposed to use for myself with the same MUA who had 'cheap products'.

    I was struck and surprised. Why was she being fake? Why did she need to do the drama?

    And then I thought, if I had allowed her get to me and then I lost my confidence or wanted to be fake as well, I would have used someone more expensive to prove a point that wasn't needed. Apparently, she had no money even for the 'cheap products'.

    Sis, too many people are living fake lives, don't let them put you into money mess and troubles. There is no competition. Be yourself. Live what you have and not beyond your means. PS... I do not intend to make her a laughing stock (that's not the idea), focus on the lesson.

    End of story, thank you (lolllllll)


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