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That Desire Might be a MISTAKE!

Hello Sisters,

Would you be kind enough to answer this question? Thank you (lol).

Have you ever had to look back and thank God for what you once desperately wished for to work out/happen but never did?

I could almost bet quite a lot have been here before.

Now, I want you to know that He has a plan. He knows you far beyond you could ever think or know. He has all the views and sees way clearer than you could ever, so, it’s only wise to trust His plans. Somethings might have not worked out yet or would not at all because He has only the best thoughts and plans for you. You probably do not need those and that step could even be a mistake or setback He is shielding you from. Hey, He could be saving you from a huge waste of time, money, emotions and so on.

Trust me, I know how it feels to be desperate about a ‘desire’ and the feelings of disappointment, even shame that may emerge when it isn’t in view. But why don’t we see it as something we got saved from. For that relationship you invested ‘EVERYTHING’ in, yet it came crumbling, why not see it as something He saved you from. That scholarship, admission, that job, that deal/contract, or anything that we desperately wanted but never got does not mean we are not favoured. Neither does it mean, we are forgotten. Of course, you shouldn’t think either that you are a bunch of failure who doesn’t deserve any success.

I’d share Ire’s story with you, sometimes last year, Ire applied for an admission to further her education. She put in all her best to study hard and invested quite a lot in the whole process. Eventually, she did not get the admission! For some months, she felt like a failure and was so ashamed. Later this year, she was so grateful to God the master’s admission did not work out because she would have succeeded in ‘investing’ quite a lot (a WHOLE lot of money and time) in something that wasn’t going to be all that beneficial. I say ‘all that beneficial’ because I am of the opinion no knowledge is a waste. But then, in the real sense, it would have been a great investment in ‘nothing’. Reason- she put in for a course which was completely unreasonable and unrealistic considering her career path and her past educational qualification.

What is that disappointment you had? Check it well, it could be such a big blessing. And this is why the Bible says, “In everything, (good or otherwise) give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

It is my desire that God opens your eyes to every mistake you are about to make or currently making. I pray there shall be no more futile efforts and disappointments again in your life! Amen.

Well, if you feel comfortable enough to, kindly share your experience in the comment section, you never know one who is in the exact shoes.

So much love,
Your Sis


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