Prayer II


Today's posts is a sequel to the previous post on Prayer and I pray that you would be blessed.

Prayer is having a conversation with God. A conversation is not a conversation without dialogue. It is a two way communication where you talk to God and he talks back to you through His word. That's why it is impossible to have a good prayer life without His Word.
You must know that an empty spirit man cannot pray. You need God's word to dwell richly in you to tarry in prayer.
Another thing about prayer is that we ought to pray proactively rather than wait for things to happen before resolving to pray about, that is dangerous.

In a good marriage, a spouse tells her partner her plans and movement for the day ahead of time. So the husband is well aware of her dealings and can profer suggestions on how to go about things better if need be. This is the same way God wants to be carried along in every detail of our lives. Real prayer is about showing how much you love God.

Don't be so good at telling everyone but God your worries. Let prayer be your first line of action.

How to improve your Prayer life:
1. Envision the Word: This is the place of meditation. Take time to digest and sink in the Word you have read and how it applies to you. For example, if you are believing God for children, I strongly recommend Psalm 127 as one of passages you should read and meditate on. While meditating on that you could write down the names you desire for your children.

2. Use the envisioned word to Pray. Having written those names you got in the place of meditation, pray with them. Say one of the names is Peace. You can say prayers like: "Peace my daughter/son i call you forth into my home, as the arrow is in the hands of a mighty warrior so are you in my hands."

3. Write down the prayer points curled from the Word. This would help you get consistent with those prayers till you get answers and when you get answers you would know what exactly you are thanking God for.

Furthermore, to have good prayer life you must:
1. Pay attention to how you pray. The best thing is to pray His will (the Word) then we are convinced that he hears us.

2. Watch what you allow in your mind. The mind is the battlefield. We live in an era where both things you want to see and those you don't want shove themselves at you, its your duty to choose that which is profiting according to Philpians 4:6.

3. Who are you following ? You are a function of those you hang around. Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpen Iron... Don't just be on the gram liking mundane things, use the internet to your favour as a believer. Follow those who uplift your spirit and water your faith. Hebrews 10:25

There's no better way to wrap up the year than to get your prayer life better and in fact, you can reinforce your faith by starting to write prayers about the things you desire to see happen in 2019.

Loads of love,

Your Sis

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