No place for doubt

Hey sisters,

Recently, I was reminiscing on the highest level of doubt I ever displayed in God.

I was in 200 level in the University and I remember taking this course that was so scary. It was a course students rejoiced at an "E" grade and even shared testimonies. In fact, having an "E" meant you were a little brilliant and you did well.

After I sat for the practical and the examination, I knew only grace could save me from rewriting that course the following year. Usually, I would give my handouts and textbooks to those in lower levels after the semester exam. But, I did not give this out. I felt it was only going to be unreaslistic of me to give out this particular course's materials since I was going to be needing it likewise.

In my opinion, that is the highest level of doubt in God. Our ever Faithful God saved me and I passed the course actually.

Sometimes in our lives, we express doubt in God. Will He do it? What if? And all that. Having an unwavering confidence in God is one of the signs of maturity in Christianity.

Take steps to grow your faith. Keep feeding on the word and using the word.

It's my prayer that we will not sink on this Faith journey.

Feel free to share your experience as well to encourage other sisters.

Much love,

Your Sis💞💖

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