Handling Criticism

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Today I would be sharing on something quite sensitive to a number of us - criticism and ways to handle it better. I personally don't like to be criticised (i don't know about you) but I'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way. This is something the Holy Spirit (HS) is helping me with at the moment and I trust that it will bless you.
I consider criticism as disapproval of how something is done.
Whenever someone criticises me, I get super defensive and in the bid to defend myself I get annoyed....then I miss out on what I could I've learnt to get better. One person i often receive criticism from asides my superiors at work is my husband. He feels I can handle things better. And girl! it has never gone down well with me until recently when I had prepared my defense and the HS began to make me do a heart check.
Its almost the end of the year and we would be receiving criticisms or even feedbacks from superiors at work, friends, colleagues, and/or spouses. It is important that we do not miss out on the thing that really matters -getting better and wiser.
"Listen to advice and accept correction, and in the end you will be wise. " Proverbs 19:20(NCV)
While I was doing my heart check, the story of Moses and his father-in-law, Jethro came to mind. In Exodus 18, Jethro visited Moses at the wilderness and made some observations about his administration processes. Jethro discussed ways he believed Moses could do things better and more efficiently. Moses could have ignored Jethro's suggestions after all, he speaks to God one on one, Jethro doesn't. He leads a congregation of thousands, Jethro doesn't. Moses took on the suggestions and he became more productive.
In handling criticisms:
1. Be open minded: More often, criticisms are given so you can be better. Often times, those giving the criticisms do so because they want your progress. It means they see potentials in you that you can be better. Believe that the person criticizing you have good intentions, hear them out.
2. Hearing isnt enough, you must listen: Until we listen to criticism we would never make the most of it. Let it sink in, that way you are able to internalize the issues raised.
3. Evaluate yourself vis-a-vis the criticism: Nothing beats sincerity when it comes to self assessment. In as much as criticism is someone elses opinion, they are for you to use to evaluate your ways and do better.
4.Identify and implement practicable corrective measures: When a criticism is not going down well with me, I end the conversation with 'okay'. What it means is, i am not willingly to do anything about it (at least not yet..lol). It shouldn't be.
If you are criticised about spelling error, a corrective measure could be to proof read your work at least twice before submission. Another measure could be having a dictionary around you whether in hard or soft copy. Aim to seek practicable ways for improvement.
5. Ask the Holy Spirit for Help: He is able to teach us all things!

I would like to hear from you, share how you handle criticism in the comments section.

Loads of love

Your Sis

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