If you can think, you can thank....

Dearest Sister,

I trust you are well.

On a lighter note,  type the word 'thanksgiving' on google, click images and you would be amazed at what you would see. Just don't salivate too much..lol
Thanksgiving is an attitude not a gift/fruit of the spirit and it can be cultivated. Also, it is not a day in the calender year, it ought to be our lifestyle.
To think is to give something or someone a thought in your mind.
If you dominate your thoughts with the things you don't have, you will never see the things you have let alone be thankful for them.
In a noisy world that we live in, the devil will without hassle (using various means) let you see the things you do not have yet, the things that aren't working as you had envisioned, it is your responsibility to re-route your thoughts to the things that are working for you and thank God for them.

For instance, you are 'sad' about not having enough shoes to wear? Why don't you see it as, you have abled legs and that's a thing to thank God for. Let this be your perspective to things. In ALL things give thanks. We must know that thanksgiving does not border on convenience.

Recently, my husband and two sons had a cold and i began to get overwhelmed with the whole thing. Right in the middle of this thought God drew my attention to the fact that i should be thankful for my husband and children, these are some people's prayer point. So I said thank you Jesus. Only thinkers can thank. When you think, you realise you cannot thank God enough.
There's a saying that God doesn't allow things to happen without leaving a space for thanksgiving. It is true!

No matter how forsaken things might seem, you have a reason or two to give thanks.
1. An attitude of thanksgiving makes you less anxious about things to come.
2. Thanksgiving is so powerful that it liberates us and gives other believers the authority to cling to God and be saved.
Remember the story of Paul and Silas, their praise made all the prison doors to open up and every prisoner was set free. Even the jailer asked to be saved.
Thanksgiving is so powerful that it delivers not only you.

As the year comes to an end, let's maintain an attitude of thanksgiving. If we knew how many Nano second miracles we've enjoyed, how many unprayed petitions that's been answered, the times we've had more than we've asked for... . He deserves our praise, and we are giving it all to Him.

Loads of love,

Your Sis

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