Hope Maketh Not Ashamed!

Hey Sisters,

Welcome to a beautiful and exciting week of amazing happenings.
I want to share a short but powerful scripture my whole life has hung on this past week; “hope maketh not ashamed”. Romans 5:5a

God led me to a book written by the mother of our Team Lead, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Abiola Oyedepo- The force of hope.

Following through each page of the book, I noted scriptures that talked on hope and started confessing them. I tell you, it’s just like I have never hoped my entire life before.

The above scripture has stuck with me and has been more than real.

I want to encourage someone today who is perhaps hopeless, depressed, troubled, weighed down or expectant. I want you to have this confidence that as long as you have a fervent hope in God, you can never be ashamed. Abraham demonstrated hope and he wasn’t put to shame.

See, you have to get out of that moody state you are right now and get back your hope.

“They looked unto Him and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.” Psalm 34:5

No one hopes/trusts in God and has shame as the result to show-forth. I would like you to hold unto these scriptures, bearing in mind that irrespective of what is going on with you right now, God is able to make a way.

Get back your hope with these scriptures and hope in God brutally, ruggedly and doggedly, to a point that you know you’re having that breakthrough.

Never get to that point in life when you give up hope.

Much love,
Your Sis

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