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Hello Sisters,

Welcome to another exciting day where God is ready to meet you at the very point of your needs- Spiritual, material, financial, marital, academics, career, business, emotional, etc.

I was confused sometimes in the month of March on a particular matter. Although, I could say that I partially knew what to do, but I was really confused because I wanted what I was making the decision on to be very effective. I needed someone to just answer my question and affirm what I considered right.

After a period of thinking and almost making a conclusion, I decided to ask my mentor. You might be wondering why it took me  quite sometime to voice out when I had a mentor. True, but up until the 18th of March (a fellow sister innocently, indirectly and unknowingly changed that mentality), I used to feel questions were a sign of weakness. I'm actually wondering whatever it was that gave me such a mind-blinding mentality.

In just a two and half minutes audio, I got the perfect reply I had been pondering on for days. When that reply came, it didn't only affirm what I felt was right, my Spirit instantly connected with the Spirit behind the counsel and I felt a complete rush of peace. Surprisingly, she had been faced with such at a situation likewise.

If you once had such a 'terrible' mentality like I used to, please, it's another trick of the devil to limit you and keep so much light from you. It will keep you in darkness, so much that you would frequently make mistakes. Questions are not a sign of weakness, it rather gives you strength. Also, do not let pride hinder you from treading the right path(s).

I am not saying you shouldn't grow yourself to a point where you can always hear God in confusing times, no, and that's why I said, "my Spirit instantly connected with the Spirit behind the counsel and I felt a complete rush of peace". At every point in time, you will need people to ask questions from because they are more experienced and have probably been faced with your present situation. However, know who you are asking questions from, they must be of the God-Kind so you are not misled.

You should know too that we have a 'Question-Answering God'.

PS...I think I should compose a thank-you note to that Sister. I am certain she had no idea what she did and would be too surprised.

Much Love,
Your Sis


  1. This definitely touched my heart.