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As a special gift to you for my birthday today, September 27, I'm giving you this mini-book. I pray that it'd be as much a blessing to you as it was for me to write it. It's the beginning of a new phase for me and I want the same for you; so, read, enjoy & be blessed.
Don't forget to send in your testimonies after reading this to me on facebook, twitter or instagram.

Download free ebook HERE ... CLICK << for access to the book.

My love always,

Joys Oyedepo


  1. Congrats dear may God continuue to strengthen you more grace, you shall continue to be a blessing to the world.Thanks and HBD.

  2. Congratulations on your birthday an thank you for the giveaway. The King bless you

  3. Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday to you ma.

  4. Thank you for the insight, God bless you more. I have step brothers and sister but we don't talk because none of us from my mother were allowed to attend their mother's burial! The reason for doing so was because they to go to the village to notify our father's kindred in the village, and the elders disallowed us from attending the burial! The lips service brothers we used to call each other is completely gone! I tried to get back to them but they wouldn't turn up! This is the big concern in my family! Reacting to the insight I got from reading your book, am going to call all my step brothers and sister and I pray the love of God prevails. Thanks Joyce

  5. Thanks so much. i desire this love of so blessed with this write up. more grace dear

  6. Thank you ma for the gift. Many more years of celebration


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