Faithfulness in Small Things

Hello Sisters,

It is great to be with you again (as always 😁) and as we consider this topic, I pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to you beyond the letters of this post.

Literally everyone that was called to a higher purpose in the Bible was met doing the seemingly "little work" they had at the time. Let's take a look at some of these people:

1. Moses was tending to his Father-in-law's (put another way, his employer) flock when God spoke to him in the burning bush. (See Exodus 3)

2. David was tending his father's flock when he was anointed to be a king. (See 1Samuel16: 11-13)

3. Joseph was being the best while at Potiphar's house and at the prison, before the King sent for and enthroned him as Prime Minister in Egypt. (See Genesis 41:9-57)

4. Nehimah was serving as the Kong's cupbearer when he got a higher call to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. (See Nehemiah 1:11, Nehemiah 2)

5. Esther was serving her Uncle, Mordecai when the opportunity to be a queen came to her. (See Esther 2:1-8)

Frome these stories, we see that it takes faithfulness in small things to be entrusted with greater things.
Napoleon Hill says it this way "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."

In fact, unfaithfulness in small things could be a sign of pride. See the story of the unfaithful servant who buried the one talent he was given because he felt it was small. -Matthew 25:14-30

God uses the small things to train and build our capacity. It's like an elastic, the more it stretches, the farther it goes. But first the elastic starts from being the small strip. No wonder, more talents were added to the servants who utilized the first set of talents they were entrusted with.

"If God is calling you to make a big difference today, He is likely to start in a small way - —a bush that only you will notice. Will you remove your shoes, draw close, and receive your assignment? Will you give the Lord permission to ignite your ordinary? If you will, before long your faith will start carrying you to a higher level than you ever thought you could reach." - Curled from Steven Furtick's Sun Stand Still

Could it be that God is waiting to see our faithfulness before unlocking the next level we are praying and waiting for?

May God help us to stay faithful with what we have and where we are.

Stay encouraged Sis,

Loads of love,

Your Sis

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