Hello Beautiful,

I believe you are having an amazing month already. May the God of Israel defend you, preserve you and perfect all that concerns you. Amen!

Today, I would like to share on something so talked about yet misconceived by many. A lot of times we ask, does God speak to us? I have at some point wondered if I was worthy of being spoken to by God despite being born again. The reason for these questions are not far-fetched, I felt God was too big and busy up there to speak to "little me". What a line of reasoning!

Let me tell you how the Holy Spirit (HS) debunked this line of thought for me, he used my most superior boss (Godwin Emefiele) at work to illustrate this:

HS: does Emefiele speak to you?
Me: Yes, through my departmental directors and he does not even know me. From time to time, these directors re-emphasize to us the institution's vision and we are expected to be committed to it.
HS: If your boss who does not know you speaks to you, how much more you, whom I know.
Me: *stunned at His sense of humor*
HS: First, you should remember that you have the mind of Christ so the thoughts and ideas you get, are God given - that is God communicating with you. Also, you have the word of God- the Bible. It remains the primary means God speaks to believers but unfortunately you do not spend as much time as you should with it.

God also speaks to us through his choice men and the anointed materials He puts in their hearts to publish.

I hope that the next time you wonder if God speaks to you, you'll remember these things. God is too mind-full of you not to talk to you.

A question for you though: are you listening to Him?

Loads of love

Your Sis

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