Something About Confession

Hello Sis!

I hope you're having a great week. The Holy spirit dropped this in my heart to encourage you with:

On Friday, my husband observed something like a skin overlap around my first son's gum. He drew my attention to it and after checking it, to say I was concerned was the least.
I tried to remove my mind from it, occupied myself with other things. Then I decided we would visit the dentist on Saturday.
Suddenly, I was reminded of one of the lines from the supernatural childbirth confession that "teeth forms perfectly". I reassured myself that whatever it was, it is settled because a word had gone way ahead in 2016/2017 when I was pregnant with him.
With this, I was able to shake off every concern I had even though we still went to the dentist's.

After seeing the dentist on Saturday, he confirmed it was not abnormal and the skin overlap would fall off say in weeks however, its likely to be painful.

Fast forward to Sunday, I checked and I couldn't see the skin overlap again, my boy was eating more, talking more, playing more. Thought I didn't check well so, on Monday I checked again and it's all clear! What was said could take weeks.

When we speak the Word, we schedule a harvest. You might not understand the relevance of a spoken Word to your present life but best believe, it is waiting in your future.
Keep speaking the Word, for there shall be a performance.
Don't be discouraged! You don't plant a seed today and harvest the same day. Genesis 8:22 says seed - time and harvest.

Loads of love

Your Sis 

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