You Are A Wonder

Compliments of the season Sis,

I pray that the joy that this season brings gives us joy unspeakable full of glory.
In the spirit of Christmas and as we round up the year 2018, I will like to share this with you:

Christmas is a day set aside to mark and celebrate the birth of Christ. The circumstances surrounding His birth didn't look like the miracle that had been foretold. Inspite of the unpleasantness, the miracle spoke forth and we all can now approach boldly the throne of grace.
Imagine this, Herod was furious at the birth of baby Jesus. How can an existing ruler of a kingdom be furious at a baby?! really? How?! Herod saw beyond the current baby status.
See, the devil sees beyond who or what you have now...he sees what you can become hence the reason for all that you've passed or passing through...That tells me something Sis, you are a wonder! Isn't that worth thanking God for?!
In fact you went through all that you went through because you're a force ordained by God and the devil knows this...
So I implore you, don't dwell on how unpleasant things has been during the year?
Look on the bright side and you will see that if the Lord had not been on your side, the enemy would have swallowed you up quick.

Cheer up sis, give thanks to God for in all of those scenarios, you have experienced daily miracles like: the gift of life, health, healing, the gift to aspire, provisions, daily mercies and more.

Do not think God hasn't done well for you this year, what was supposed to destroy you did not! what was suppose to burn you did not! the blessing that seemed delayed came at a better time than you hoped for.

Say out loud, "Lord, I thank you!"

Loads of love,

Your Sis

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